I don’t know about you, but I’m all about practical magick. I like magickal workings and formulas that serve to enhance and improve my daily life. I’m not the kind of witch that casts a spell for every little thing – far from it – nor am I the kind of conjure worker who only casts a spell just for special occasions. When living a magickal life, you learn how to incorporate magick into daily, mundane tasks. When doing so, washing your hands becomes magickal, vacuuming the floor becomes magickal, and even cooking becomes a magickal act.

In this article, I share some of the daily hacks I incorporate into my life to give me an edge in daily activities and to empower my magickal life. I hope you find them helpful.

Perfumed Lucky Hand Wash

Hand washes are one of my favorite conjure hacks. To make a lucky hand wash, fill a bottle with a pump with pure unscented castille soap, like Dr. Bronners Baby Unscented Pure Castille Soap. Pour out a bit of the soap to make room for adding additional ingredients. Add a small amount of your favorite cologne – you’ll have to experiment how much as each cologne is different in the strength of their fragrance – so start with adding a little and shake it up to make sure it is mixed well. Add a magnetic lodestone (to attract good things to you), a High John root (for overall success in your endeavors), a piece of pyrite (for money), or a piece of myrrh (for blessings). Shake well. Once it is to your liking in terms of strength of fragrance, use your lucky hand wash in place of other soap when washing your hands. Each time you wash you hands, you are fortifying your hands with powerful conjure. This Lucky Hand Wash can also be used in your laundry. Add three to five squirts to your laundry in addition to your regular laundry detergent.

St. Expedite Hand Wash for Success

To incorporate a regular spiritual handwashing to your daily routine, add thirteen drops of Crown of Success Oil into a bottle of Golden Almond Honey hand soap, the kind you can find at any dollar store. Use it whenever you wash your hands. Pray to St. Expedite as you wash your hands,

Glorious St. Expedite, help me to be successful in all that I do today. Shield me from the vitriol of my enemies, and I will spread with gladness the glory of your name and good works.

Then, when he comes through for you be sure to thank him publicly on social media, in a forum, in the comments section of a blog such as this one, or old school way by leaving a statement of gratitude in the classifies ads of your local newspaper.

Sweet Bath

This bath can be taken whenever you need an attitude adjustment or when you want to create an internal spiritual environment that opens the right doors to all good things. Combine rose petals, mint leaves (any kind), evaporated milk, four ounces of rose water and a cup of coconut water and bring to a low boil on the stove. Allow to cool, strain and put in your bath water. Wash in an upward motion to draw luck and sweet things to you.

Gambling Bath

Take this bath before gambling. Combine bluestone, basil, and sugar and add to your bath water. Bathe downward and say the Lord‘s prayer three times to cleanse. Tip: If playing numbers, don’t play them on the New Moon as you will only get low numbers. Play during a Full Moon to insure high number winnings. If playing cards, dress them with Rose oil before using to charge them in your favor.

To Get the Funk Out of Your Home

Using Holy water from a Catholic Church, sprinkle some in the four corners of your home and wash your front door with it. Do this three mornings in a row and it is said to bring peace and success to your home.

Putting Store Bought Candles to Work for You

If you love burning candles that are not part of spellwork, it is really easy to fix them so that you infuse a little magick into the burn. Fall and winter bring out the cinnamon, pumpkin spice and peppermint scented products and the modern witch takes advantage of this trend. If you are familiar with the properties of magickal herbs and oils, then this will be easy for you. If not, you will have to do some research. I provide some suggestions below.

To reignite passion in a loving relationship. To reignite the passion in your relationship, purchase an apple cinnamon scented candle at the store. Add three drops of Adam and Eve Conjure Oil and rub it in a clockwise direction over the surface of the candle. Sprinkle with a little cinnamon sugar. Put the candle in the bedroom and light it at the right time to set the mood. Adam and Eve oil is an attraction fragrance designed to for soul mates and may be used by either sex when they want to strengthen their love.

To cleanse a space. To spiritually cleanse your space, purchase a lemon, sage, lemon verbena, eucalyptus or blend of either of these. Anoint the candle by adding three drops to the top of the candle and rubbing it in a counterclockwise direction over the surface of the candle. Sprinkle with a little powdered camphor or crushed sage and place the candle in the living room and light it. As living magickally requires focused intent, you should always be mindful of why you are dressing your candles with oils and herbs so that your intention can manifest.

To attract abundance. Purchase a bay or pine scented candle. Anoint the candle by adding three drops of Abundance or Attraction Oil to then surface of the candle in a clockwise direction and sprinkle with crushed basil and powdered cinnamon. Place the candle in the kitchen and light it to draw abundance to your household.

These are just a few suggestions of how you can make the mundane magickal through the use of hoodoo, conjure, and witchcraft principles. What are some other ways you incorporate magick into your life?